Terpsichorienteering (2009)

Terpsichorienteering was performed on Saturday, 14 March, 2009, in the galleries and corridors of the 401 Richmond Building, Toronto.

This piece was co-composed with choreographer Susanna Hood and features six musicians and six dancers performing in small groups in various art galleries on the main floor of 401 Richmond (including Wynick/Tuck Gallery, Open Studio, YYZ Gallery, Red Head Gallery, etc.) during twenty-minute “stages” and in the corridors that connect them during five-minute “movements.” At the end of a particular stage, a player will move through the corridors en route to another gallery to join another ensemble already underway.

The première of Terpsichorienteering was performed by Susie Burpee (dance), Bill Coleman (dance), Yves Candau (dance), Lisa Pijuan-Nomura (dance), Aimée Dawn Robinson (dance), Claudia Wittmann (dance), Germaine Liu (percussion), Aaron Lumley (contrabass), David Prentice (violin), Nicole Rampersaud (trumpet), Holger Schoorl (guitar), and Doug Tielli (trombone).

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