Songs of The Muted Note

All songs composed by Scott Thomson (music) & P.K. Page (text), SOCAN 2011:

  1. “As Ten, As Twenty” (dedicated to Christine Duncan)
  2. “Blue” (dedicated to Julia Hambleton)
  3. “Star-Gazer” (dedicated to Jeff Schlanger)
  4. “The Disguises” (dedicated to Gordon Allen)
  5. “The Masks” (dedicated to Richard Marsella)
  6. “Preparation” (dedicated to Ken Aldcroft)
  7. “The Metal and the Flower” (dedicated to Rob Clutton)
  8. “Picking Daffodils” (dedicated to Holly Small)
  9. “The Mole” (dedicated to Jack Vorvis)
  10. “This Heavy Craft” (dedicated to Joane Hétu)
  11. “The Understatement” (dedicated to Doug Tielli)