The Share (2012)

The Share was presented on Saturday, 13 October, 2012, 2pm, in Exhibition Park, Guelph, ON.

The Share is an uncommon, community-based, family-friendly event of music and dance. The Share is an invitation to meander through Exhibition Park to see and hear numerous informal dance and music performances by members of the Guelph community. Each performance — either under a different tree within or in front of a house next to Exhibition Park — is by a different intergenerational group that has developed and shared material leading up to the event, and in collaboration with local professional artists. The Share is conceived by Susanna Hood and Scott Thomson, Artists-in-Residence for 2012 through the Musagetes Foundation and ICASP, and composed by them in collaboration with the performers.

The Share featured the creative contributions of Dave Clark, Nicolas Buligan, Julia Hambleton, Rebecca Hennessy, Michael Herring, Tania Gill, Allison Everett, Skylar Everett, Gale Fleming, Victoria Sorbara-Parsons, Joe Sorbara, Janet Johnson, Catherine Bell, Lily Burpee, Rose Burpee, Glenna Croft, Alex DesRochers, Elena Martin, Sophie Sharp, Lynda Walters, Maryn Work, Diane Hurst, Nora Crete, Doreen Muir, Donna Bach, Cindy Wu, Catrina Von Radecki, Emily Chamberlain, Naomi Campbell, Richard Gorrie, Wendy Agnew, Maggie Bolton, Marie Zimmerman, Juliette Zimmerman, Ben Harvey, Lynette Segal, Eden Segal-Grossman, Isabel Segal-Grossman, Mark Laver, Theresa Shelton, Diane Chapitis, Zola Senitt, Kiara Williams, Talia Baskin-Kesselman, Gillian Inksetter, Greg Jenkins, Nicoletta Rogers, Steve Rogers, Sue Woodward, Roy Bateman, Judy Gill, Kelly Steadman, Kiera Watson, Ailsa Haennel, Tara Robinson, Katelynn Robinson, Amber Robinson, Christine Wynen, Elena Lott, Grace Geng, Brent Rowan, Asa Webb, Katie Ewald, Bryan Webb, Jenny Mitchell & Arrow, Michelle Lobkowicz & Levon, Janet Toppan & Christina, Heather Corscadden & Hazel, Sarah Wyche & Walt, and more.

There is an online publication about the residency, including a lengthy essay by Susanna Hood and me plus a video of highlights from The Share.

The Share is dedicated to Edward Johnson (Edoardo Di Giovanni).

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