Parcours parcuivres (2016)

Parcours parcuivres is a co-composition by John Oswald & Scott Thomson for a mobile brass tentet, La Fanfare R. Mutt, in and through Parc Lafontaine, Montreal, that was performed on Sunday, 12 June, at 5pm (starting at the Lafontaine Statue, southwest corner of the park, rue Cherrier). It was presented as part of the Suoni per il Popolo Festival.

La Fanfare R. Mutt: Craig Pedersen, Nigel Taylor, Philippe Battikha, Amy Horvey (trumpets); Laurence Latreille-Gagné (horn); Simon Jolicoeur-Côté, Christopher Paul (tenor trombones); Felix del Tredici (bass trombone); Samuel Lalande-Markon, Julie Houle (tubas)

Video of the piece by Geneviève Martel

My contributions to Parcours parcuivres are dedicated to Johannes Bauer.

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