Muses & mystères (2016)

Muses & mystères was presented on 21 February and 6 March, 2016, 2pm, at Pointe-À-Callière, Old Port of Montréal

Muses & mystères was the 2016 ‘Port Symphony’ (‘Symphonie portuaire‘), commissioned annually by the Musée Pointe-à-Callière. It is a 25-minute work divided into two sections: a Prelude for six highland bagpipes, two snare drums, and bass drum; and the Sympolyphony, which adds the horns of five moored ships, a locomotive whistle, and the bells of the Notre-Dame Basilica. The piece was broadly inspired by Agatha Christie, the subject of the concurrent exhibition at the Musée, and comprises conventional pipe-and-drum music that I have written, traditional pipe-and-drum music from the band’s repertoire, unconventional pipe music, spatialised/cartographic elements, and a few other surprises.

Muses & mystères was performed by Montréal Pipes & Drums (P/M Jérémy Tétrault-Farber, bandleader), Ida Toninato (Queen of Bells), and numerous volunteers who will be playing the ship horns and train whistle.

Muses & mystères is dedicated to Evan Parker, who at moments can sound like six pipers warming up.

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