Arcade Air (2013)

A site-specific composition for the Arcade of Ottawa City Hall featuring Jim Lewis (trumpet), Nicole Rampersaud (trumpet), Nicholas Dyson (trumpet), Mark Ferguson (trombone), Ryan Purchase (trombone), Susanna Hood (dance), Ellen Furey (dance), Christine Duncan and the Element Choir Project. Performed Thursday, 1 August, noon.

Arcade Air is designed to animate the architecture of the Ottawa City Hall Arcade, with its various performers dispersed in and, in some cases, moving through the space as they play. The composition, which will be presented at midday during a regular business day, will complement and augment the regular flow and activities of an Ottawa lunch break with music and performance that ranges from playful to ethereal. A key component of Arcade Air is the Element Choir Project, a specially formed group of Ottawa singers trained in a system of structured and conducted improvisation by Christine Duncan.

Some photos and video of the performance can be seen here.

Arcade Air is dedicated to sculptor Jim Thomson.

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