Arborienteering (2008)

Arborienteering was performed on Saturday, 30 August, 2008, in Dufferin Grove Park, Toronto, as part of the Eric Dolphy Memorial Barbeque.

Arborienteering adapts the concept of Music(in)Galleries to animate a public park with creative music on a summer afternoon. Six musicians play ten-minute solos under various trees throughout the park. Five minutes after the first musician begins to play his or her solo, the second begins his or hers, followed by the third five minutes later, and so on so that the audience is invited to move from tree to tree to hear each player or, indeed, to find mid-way points so that multiple players are audible. In addition to a park map and time index, the score for this composition, which doubles as an audience program, includes field-guide-type data — foliage, bark, profile, etc. — about the different trees involved.

The première of Arborienteering was performed by Allison Cameron (curio), Colin Fisher (saxophone), Richard Marsella (pump organ and tooth squeaking), Ronda Rindone (bass clarinet), Holger Schoorl (guitar) and Jeremy Strachan (saxophone).

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