As a trombonist, I prize contexts where I can improvise in different ways. In addition to playing solo, I play with:

Susanna Hood — I write songs for this extraordinary artist who improvises brilliantly both vocally and in dance; we play as a duo and have recorded The Muted Note in this context; she is also a key member of The Disguises and The Rent

Monicker –– A new trio with guitarist Arthur Bull (Digby Neck, NS) and drummer Roger Turner (London, England) formed during a residency in Halifax, November 2017

Togetherness – Woody Epps’s newish band playing joyful music by Dudu Pukwana, Mongezi Feza, Abdullah Ibrahim, and other admixtures of jazz, kwela, mbanqanga, freedom, and love

The Ratchet Orchestra – Nicolas Caloia’s extraordinary large group, in which I’ve played music by Nicolas, Sun Ra (with Marshall Allen), and Malcolm Goldstein

Jean Derome – I have played with Jean in numerous contexts over the years, and did so notably in several of his projects that comprised “L’année Jean Derome,” programming throughout 2015-16 that celebrated his lifetime achievement award from the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec

Murray Street Band – Many gatherings in private and a few in public with drummer John Heward at the core

Joust – A long-standing duo with alto saxophonist John Oswald; often, we’ve played with percussionist Germaine “The Glue” Liu, including eight months of weekly 8am ‘breakfast music’ concerts at the old Somewhere There in Toronto, 2009-10

Ensemble SuperMusique – Since 2007, I have played in, written for, and booked and managed tours for this modular Montréal ensemble led by Joane Hétu and Danielle Palardy Roger

Jack Vorvis — I play duets with this wholly original drummer and artist

Lori Freedman – Though we seldom play together as a duo these days, I made a recording of solos and duets in 2007, Plumb on Barnyard Records, with this extraordinary Montréal musician

Ken Aldcroft – I played in Ken’s groups from 2005 until his death in 2016, notably his Convergence Ensemble, and have played on five recordings of his exceptional music. We also recorded a CD of duo improvisations, Red & Blue (Trio Records 2015)