As a trombonist, I like contexts where I can improvise in different ways. In addition to playing solo, I play with:

Monicker –– Trio with guitarist Arthur Bull (Digby Neck, NS) and drummer Roger Turner (London, England) that toured Eastern Canada in June 2018 and Australia and New Zealand in February 2020, and recorded Spine (Ambiances Magnétiques, 2019), Libr’aerie (Bug Incision, 2020), and Something Burning (SoundOut, 2020)

Karen Ng –– I’ve had the privilege to play with this exceptional Toronto-based musician and human being in Ken Aldcroft’s Convergence Ensemble, Dave Clark’s Woodshed Orchestra, and increasingly of late as a duo; in 2020 we released the duo record, The Farm Session; we also jointly program the Guelph Jazz Festival

Togetherness – Woody Epps’s Montreal-based band plays joyful music by Dudu Pukwana, Mongezi Feza, Abdullah Ibrahim, and other admixtures of jazz, kwela, mbanqanga, freedom, and love

Susanna Hood — I write songs for this extraordinary Montreal artist who improvises brilliantly both vocally and in dance; we play as a duo and have recorded The Muted Note in this context; she is also a key member of The Disguises and The Rent

Jean Derome – I have played with Jean in numerous contexts over the years, and did so notably some of the Montreal projects that comprised “L’année Jean Derome,” programming throughout 2015-16 to celebrate his lifetime achievement award from the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec

Yves Charuest – Having met this formidable Montreal alto saxophonist in the Murray Street Band a decade ago, I have played with Yves in many contexts, and he is a key contributor both to The Disguises and to my Pal o’Alto project

Joust – A long-standing duo with Toronto alto saxophonist John Oswald; often, we’ve played with percussionist Germaine “The Glue” Liu, including eight months of weekly 8am ‘breakfast music’ concerts at the old Somewhere There in Toronto, 2009-10

The Ratchet Orchestra – Nicolas Caloia’s extraordinary Montreal large group, in which I’ve played music by Nicolas, Sun Ra (with Marshall Allen), and Malcolm Goldstein

Ensemble SuperMusique – Since 2007, I have played in, written for, and booked and managed tours for this modular Montreal ensemble led by Joane Hétu and Danielle Palardy Roger

Jack Vorvis — I play duets with this wholly original Mississauga-based drummer & recluse

Lori Freedman – Though we seldom play together as a duo these days, I made a recording of solos and duets in 2007, Plumb on Barnyard Records, with this extraordinary Montreal musician

Murray Street Band – Many Montreal gatherings in private and a few in public with my friend, the late John Heward, at the core

Ken Aldcroft – I played in Ken’s groups from 2005 until his death in 2016, notably his Convergence Ensemble, and have played on five recordings of his exceptional music; we also have a record of duo improvisations, Red & Blue (Trio Records 2015)