As a composer, my work generally fits into one of two streams of activity: my site-specific works for improvising musicians, and songs that set texts by published authors, to be sung by Susanna Hood in different contexts.

My most elaborate song project is The Muted Note (2011-15), a suite of eleven songs that set P.K. Page poems. Currently, I am developing a new suite, Applications, that sets a nine-part poem by Robert Hass, “Applications of the Doctrine.” Applications was commissioned by the late Ken Aldcroft for his Convergence Ensemble with Susanna as a guest, but I have been arranging its modular material for other ensembles. For example, the Divergence Trio is the Montreal-based contingent of the proposed Convergence Ensemble project: Susanna Hood (voice & dance), Emily Denison (trumpet) & Scott Thomson (trombone).