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17 October –– Ayelet Rose Gottlieb (voice), Stéphane Diamantakiou (double bass) & Scott Thomson (trombone), on a bill with the Cat Toren Trio, Café Résonance, Café Résonance, 5175A ave du Parc, Montreal, 9pm

25 October –– sitting in with CCMC: Paul Dutton (oralisations), John Kamevaar (octopad), John Oswald (alto saxophone) & Michael Snow (piano), ArrayMusic Studio, 155 Walnut Ave., Toronto, 8pm

6 November –– Jean Derome (woodwinds, curio), Malcolm Goldstein (violin) & Scott Thomson (trombone), Mercredimusics, Casa Obscura, 4381 Avenue Papineau, Montreal, 9pm

7-16 November –– Trombone Solos at Odd Hours (Solos de trombone à heures indues) (Murray Street Edition), the late John Heward’s painting studio, Griffintown, Montreal (more information about times and access forthcoming)

19 November –– Alessandro Garino (piano), Jean Derome (woodwinds, curio), Michel F. Côté (not known), Scott Thomson (trombone), Mardi Spaghetti, Casa del Popolo, 4873 boul. St-Laurent, Montréal, 8:30pm